ThunderPDF the free PDF reader

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If you need suddenly a small but fast and versatile PDF reader software please do not panic, because as published in the first version of ThunderPDF is a free PDF reader application for Windows-based operating systems.
The app name is really properly characterized lightning fast operation, a clean and simple interface is very easy to learn to use even for novice users.

Free pdf reader logoBy default, it is a free PDF reader program, but next to the PDF format can read and display even the EPub, MOBI, CHM, XPS and DjVu document extension formats. This is a free multi-format document reader. Following the launch of the software will appear some initial portfolio of recent documents, you can click on right away, then can get fast access its content.

After the appearance of the file loaded – of course – we have the opportunity to read the document, scrolling, text search, zoom in the page width adjustments, rotate pages and can be used in full-screen mode.

Free pdf readerSpecialty of the presentation mode when the display loaded files in full-screen mode and the mouse buttons pressing forward and backward can paging our favorite PDF catalog. If a projector is plugged in the video card – in this case – projecting as PDF document, you can also hold a spectacular slide show. If do you need to print a PDF file, you can do it without any problems. The program supports approximately two dozen languages – including english, bulgarian, chinese, finnish, french, german, italian, hungarian, japanese, norvegian, russian, spanish, etc – so you will not encounter any language difficulties.

The installation program size is only about 2.5 MB – so this value will be loaded to the network is not particularly turnover, compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader setup program of this size is many times.

To summarize what wrote above, can be recommended for everyone this free and small size, but lightning fast PDF reader application.

Download free PDF reader

Free photo and picture watermarking software

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Watermarking photos and pictures easily.

We often upload pictures we’ve taken to the Internet or share some well-taken photos from our vacation on social media websites.

In such cases it can often occurs to us that we might protect our ‘copyright’ against those who might steal these well caught pictures without specifying the source or perhaps share them as their own.

An excellent software solution to the problem mentioned above (and for many others: for instance photographs made ​​during family events) is the free, newly released software, called Image Watermark Studio, a desktop application which can be installed on Windows.

A brief summary of the program, in a nutshell. Unfortunately it only has English language interface, but it can’t be confusing to those who like the Hungarian language used in the interface. Immediately to the left we can see a list, where we can place the pictures and photos needed to be watermarked. The upper right part of the page we’ll find a practical, built-in image display subsystem, which automatically displays the selected image by clicking to the list containing the photos. Plus, in the picture we can see the watermark drawn on by the program, which is a kind of preview, because this very similar to how the future watermarked image will look like. The guides drawn by pressing CTRL+G also can be useful, to which the software will adjust the watermark defined by the user.

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At the bottom right of the page we can find all control elements of the watermark settings, and the output options are also available there. Depending on the type of watermark (text or image) we can switch by clicking on the tabs. This solution gives a very compact appearance to the program.

The output settings of the future image are also very transparent, well-structured and clear. There will be no problem with it. We can specify the output format, resolution, size, color space, and even we can rotate the image. Do we need more? If so, turn on the Exif option, which is only recommended to photographer gourmets. With this switch the final watermarked picture retains the original recorded (by camera) image metadata too, such as GPS coordinates, copyright information, resolution, different lenses and other technical information.

This 3 MB application also has other surprises, which despite being free, has functions like some of the same caliber applications with fee, to those who want to watermark their photos and pictures for posterity.

To download the software click the link below:
Free Image Watermark Studio

Free PDF to Word Converter

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How to convert PDF files to Word documents for Free?

Who have worked with PDF files (who not?) will find this free converter program really helpful, which can transform the above mentioned PDF files to an editable Word format.

Free Convert PDF To WordMoreover, working with PDF files has no problem – perfectly usable, mainly because of the portability between different systems – , except for one. They are not editable. We could have several reasons to post-editing a PDF file. For example, we lost or simply not find our InDesign liabilities and we do not want to spend more hours or days on what we already have made once with great work. This small program can help you, and will save you a lot of time with the use of it.

There are quite a few applications with similar function, moreover online solutions are known, but it’s hard to imagine an easier working program for it. The stance is very obvious. There is an input PDF document we want to convert, and we need to specify the location of the output Word DOC file. We can select the source PDF file by browsing it or we can simply drag it to the Input PDF File field. In default option the output DOC file will get into the folder of the source (with the same name), but we can block it from the menu, and the editable Word document will get in to the folder we want it, so we can be happy with it.

PDF To Word ConverterThere are some control functions in the showy screen of this small program, in which – considering the minimalist approach – we can refine the contents of the output Word file. A noteworthy example is the Include Images option, by turning it on, the images and photos of the PDF file will be embedded into the Word document.  The tables, the listed paragraphs and the numbered lists will be displayed properly too. The Page Range feature can also be useful if you want to convert only specified pages. There is no reason to complicate things, if we are finished with all the settings, press the Start Conversion button in the lower right corner.

Generally speaking, the handling of this free application is very simple and straightforward, and thanks to the intuitive graphic interface, a six year old child could easily use this small but useful application, which can be installed on Windows systems.

If you want to collect this converter for Windows systems, you can click on the link below, and after the download you can immediately use this helpful application:

Download: Free PDF To Word Converter

Free JPG to PDF converter application

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Do you need to convert jpg or other raster image files into one pdf document? Then our free JPG to PDF converter software is the ideal application for you!

This free jpg to pdf converter utility gives you the freedom of converting your jpg and many other raster image file formats (see list below) into one easily portable pdf document. Our enhanced and easy-to-use user interface simplifies the process of creating pdf domcument from your image files.

Simply drag and drop your image files, entire folders, select or deselect the images you want to be converted, change the order of the images, select your output pdf file name and convert your images with the push of a button.

Free jpg to pdf converter screenshot

Supported image formats are JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, JPEG-2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF/TIFF.

To download the free jpg to pdf converter application and for more information please visit our website at

A completely free PDF to JPG converter

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We proudly announce that the brand new 3.01 version of our completely free pdf to jpg converter application is now out.

This free pdf to jpg converter gives you the possibility to export all images from portable document format (pdf) to jpg pictures. The user-friendly graphical interface makes you create your own jpg’s literally with a push of a button even if you are not one of those techies.

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This screenshot is an example of the nice and clean, intuitive interface that our software provides you with when converting your pdf files:


Among the abundant features you can find:

  • Possibility to handle multiple pdf files and also multi-page files.

  • Convert password protected pdf’s.

  • It’s 100% free to download and to use.

To download and for more information visit

 Please note that this is a standalone application, and is only supported on MS Windows.

The free office and conversion software at work

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If you or your enterprise needs an often used, general conversion between files and various documents and image formats, then you found the right developer’s blog. Unfortunately very little information and detailed software description is available on the subject is in Hungarian, or if we find something tangible description of a particular software product, then it often contains inaccurate, superficial, or even false information.

Recently, the FM Software Studio team has launched their new, fully re-designed website, which is available at In addition to the traditional desktop solutions, it progressively expands the list of online services and will serve with a lot of useful surprises and interesting topics in the near future. The purpose of this blog is, when a new software or application is published, to show in a short review the functionality, the intended purpose of the product and the possible methods of use.

The developers have clear objectives. They want to provide and help both home and business users with very simple and fast methods for the conversions between frequently used, important and valuable files (for example: PDF, Word, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, etc..) with free software solutions.

Briefly reviewing the list of applications currently available and the list of online services, currently the following picture emerges before us:

Free online services:

  • PDF Document Converter
    A very simple way of converting various office file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, txt, images etc..) to PDF formats. It’s not necessary to install anything to our computer; we can get the uploaded document in PDF format after a few seconds of processing.
  • PDF Reader
    The online PDF reader is an extremely useful and interesting application, which helps us read, look into and print online our PDF documents that are stored in our hard disk. The user interface is very well designed; the quality of the user experience was the primary consideration in the development.

Free desktop applications:

  • Free PDF To Word Converter
    This is one of the most famous fee application, which helps us to transform our PDF documents to editable Word format. It supports UTF-coding and has some useful configuration options; furthermore it can handle images embedded in PDF.
  • Free PDF To JPG Converter
    We often need a batch conversion of ordered list of PDF file (up to dozens) to some kind of image format (for example: JPG). Then it can be of great assistance this desktop application that works with high quality and speed.
  • Free JPG To PDF Converter
    The reversal of the aforementioned software. In doing the exact opposite, this can make a list of placed images to achievable PDF format. In addition to JPG format is knows and is able to handle many file formats, for example: BMP, GIF, PNG etc.. By using these two software we will be able to convert back and forth between formats
  • Free BMP To PDF Converter
    This is a special conversion program developed for BMP format, which can produce PDF documents from Windows Bitmap image formats in batch mode.
  • Free GIF To PDF Converter
    Nowadays it comes less frequently, but in some areas GIF format is well liked to use. It converts lined up the images in batch mode too to PDF format. It can export the frames stored in animated GIF formats (GIF87a), unlike other similar programs.
  • Free PDF Image Extractor
    This is an excellent software, it can be recommended to anybody, who needs to retrieve embedded images from PDF documents. Multiple output image formats can be chosen optionally.
  • Free PDF Text Extractor
    The accuracy and speed of this application stand out among similar programs. With this program we can extract textual content from a PDF document. This application is very quick in operation, and also has UTF-support, which allows it to properly export texts coded with any kinds of national character set.