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Posted: June 30, 2013 by fmsoftwarestudio in Uncategorized

If you or your enterprise needs an often used, general conversion between files and various documents and image formats, then you found the right developer’s blog. Unfortunately very little information and detailed software description is available on the subject is in Hungarian, or if we find something tangible description of a particular software product, then it often contains inaccurate, superficial, or even false information.

Recently, the FM Software Studio team has launched their new, fully re-designed website, which is available at In addition to the traditional desktop solutions, it progressively expands the list of online services and will serve with a lot of useful surprises and interesting topics in the near future. The purpose of this blog is, when a new software or application is published, to show in a short review the functionality, the intended purpose of the product and the possible methods of use.

The developers have clear objectives. They want to provide and help both home and business users with very simple and fast methods for the conversions between frequently used, important and valuable files (for example: PDF, Word, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, etc..) with free software solutions.

Briefly reviewing the list of applications currently available and the list of online services, currently the following picture emerges before us:

Free online services:

  • PDF Document Converter
    A very simple way of converting various office file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, txt, images etc..) to PDF formats. It’s not necessary to install anything to our computer; we can get the uploaded document in PDF format after a few seconds of processing.
  • PDF Reader
    The online PDF reader is an extremely useful and interesting application, which helps us read, look into and print online our PDF documents that are stored in our hard disk. The user interface is very well designed; the quality of the user experience was the primary consideration in the development.

Free desktop applications:

  • Free PDF To Word Converter
    This is one of the most famous fee application, which helps us to transform our PDF documents to editable Word format. It supports UTF-coding and has some useful configuration options; furthermore it can handle images embedded in PDF.
  • Free PDF To JPG Converter
    We often need a batch conversion of ordered list of PDF file (up to dozens) to some kind of image format (for example: JPG). Then it can be of great assistance this desktop application that works with high quality and speed.
  • Free JPG To PDF Converter
    The reversal of the aforementioned software. In doing the exact opposite, this can make a list of placed images to achievable PDF format. In addition to JPG format is knows and is able to handle many file formats, for example: BMP, GIF, PNG etc.. By using these two software we will be able to convert back and forth between formats
  • Free BMP To PDF Converter
    This is a special conversion program developed for BMP format, which can produce PDF documents from Windows Bitmap image formats in batch mode.
  • Free GIF To PDF Converter
    Nowadays it comes less frequently, but in some areas GIF format is well liked to use. It converts lined up the images in batch mode too to PDF format. It can export the frames stored in animated GIF formats (GIF87a), unlike other similar programs.
  • Free PDF Image Extractor
    This is an excellent software, it can be recommended to anybody, who needs to retrieve embedded images from PDF documents. Multiple output image formats can be chosen optionally.
  • Free PDF Text Extractor
    The accuracy and speed of this application stand out among similar programs. With this program we can extract textual content from a PDF document. This application is very quick in operation, and also has UTF-support, which allows it to properly export texts coded with any kinds of national character set.

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