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How to convert PDF files to Word documents for Free?

Who have worked with PDF files (who not?) will find this free converter program really helpful, which can transform the above mentioned PDF files to an editable Word format.

Free Convert PDF To WordMoreover, working with PDF files has no problem – perfectly usable, mainly because of the portability between different systems – , except for one. They are not editable. We could have several reasons to post-editing a PDF file. For example, we lost or simply not find our InDesign liabilities and we do not want to spend more hours or days on what we already have made once with great work. This small program can help you, and will save you a lot of time with the use of it.

There are quite a few applications with similar function, moreover online solutions are known, but it’s hard to imagine an easier working program for it. The stance is very obvious. There is an input PDF document we want to convert, and we need to specify the location of the output Word DOC file. We can select the source PDF file by browsing it or we can simply drag it to the Input PDF File field. In default option the output DOC file will get into the folder of the source (with the same name), but we can block it from the menu, and the editable Word document will get in to the folder we want it, so we can be happy with it.

PDF To Word ConverterThere are some control functions in the showy screen of this small program, in which – considering the minimalist approach – we can refine the contents of the output Word file. A noteworthy example is the Include Images option, by turning it on, the images and photos of the PDF file will be embedded into the Word document.  The tables, the listed paragraphs and the numbered lists will be displayed properly too. The Page Range feature can also be useful if you want to convert only specified pages. There is no reason to complicate things, if we are finished with all the settings, press the Start Conversion button in the lower right corner.

Generally speaking, the handling of this free application is very simple and straightforward, and thanks to the intuitive graphic interface, a six year old child could easily use this small but useful application, which can be installed on Windows systems.

If you want to collect this converter for Windows systems, you can click on the link below, and after the download you can immediately use this helpful application:

Download: Free PDF To Word Converter

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