Free photo and picture watermarking software

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Watermarking photos and pictures easily.

We often upload pictures we’ve taken to the Internet or share some well-taken photos from our vacation on social media websites.

In such cases it can often occurs to us that we might protect our ‘copyright’ against those who might steal these well caught pictures without specifying the source or perhaps share them as their own.

An excellent software solution to the problem mentioned above (and for many others: for instance photographs made ​​during family events) is the free, newly released software, called Image Watermark Studio, a desktop application which can be installed on Windows.

A brief summary of the program, in a nutshell. Unfortunately it only has English language interface, but it can’t be confusing to those who like the Hungarian language used in the interface. Immediately to the left we can see a list, where we can place the pictures and photos needed to be watermarked. The upper right part of the page we’ll find a practical, built-in image display subsystem, which automatically displays the selected image by clicking to the list containing the photos. Plus, in the picture we can see the watermark drawn on by the program, which is a kind of preview, because this very similar to how the future watermarked image will look like. The guides drawn by pressing CTRL+G also can be useful, to which the software will adjust the watermark defined by the user.

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At the bottom right of the page we can find all control elements of the watermark settings, and the output options are also available there. Depending on the type of watermark (text or image) we can switch by clicking on the tabs. This solution gives a very compact appearance to the program.

The output settings of the future image are also very transparent, well-structured and clear. There will be no problem with it. We can specify the output format, resolution, size, color space, and even we can rotate the image. Do we need more? If so, turn on the Exif option, which is only recommended to photographer gourmets. With this switch the final watermarked picture retains the original recorded (by camera) image metadata too, such as GPS coordinates, copyright information, resolution, different lenses and other technical information.

This 3 MB application also has other surprises, which despite being free, has functions like some of the same caliber applications with fee, to those who want to watermark their photos and pictures for posterity.

To download the software click the link below:
Free Image Watermark Studio

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